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The International Trade Commission (ITC) is evaluating an antidumping and countervailing duty petition targeting imports from Canada of uncoated groundwood paper, a product that is used primarily for newsprint and book publishing.  We believe this petition,
if successful, would have a ripple effect that would do lasting damage to the U.S. newspaper industry.


Duties on imported newsprint would negatively impact the printed news industry in the United States and further damage this industry, which has seen a more than 50 percent decline in advertising revenues over the last 10 years.  Because of dwindling revenues,
it is unlikely that newspapers could pass along to consumers any increased production cost associated with a trade remedy. The irony is that this trade dispute – brought on by only one company with 400 employees – would accelerate the decline for an entire
industry and may put small market newspapers out of business.  This result cannot be intended by U.S. trade laws.


For these reasons, we ask that you join us as signers of the attached letter to the ITC to express our concerns over the consequences of the petitioner’s request.  If you will sign the letter, please have your staff contact Daniel Tidwell in Mr. Fleishmann’s
office at or Devon Ombres in Mr. Raskin’s office at

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