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Dear Colleague, 

Last week Secretary DeVos announced she would be revoking or rescinding university Title IX guidance.  Rewriting this key Title IX guidance is a huge step in the wrong direction .  We cannot afford to cede the advances made in recent years, and we must send
a message to survivors across the country that we will do all in our power to keep these important guidelines in place.  Protecting young people from sexual and dating violence is a priority for all of us and policy should mirror our priorities.  

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Debbie Dingell

Member of Congress




September XX, 2017


The Honorable Betsy DeVos


U.S. Department of Education

400 Maryland Ave. SW

Washington, DC 20301


Dear Secretary DeVos:

It was of deep concern that we learned of your plan to revoke or rescind sexual assault policies under Title IX at the U.S. Department of Education.  As you know, under Title IX schools have a responsibility to prevent and investigate incidents of sexual
violence and harassment.  We must ensure this policy protects survivors across the country. 

Guidance issued by the Department on Title IX enforcement helps ensure that no school administrator will ignore allegations of rape and sexual assault.  It pushes them to do better, and not just through words, but with real consequences if their responses
are not adequate. This policy must be robustly enforced to protect survivors across the country. 

The stories heard from survivors of sexual assault in both K-12 schools and universities are too constant to ignore.  They detail how they have been raped or experienced inappropriate sexual behavior and are suffering deeply as a result.  Even when a school
does the right thing and reports the assault, survivors are ostracized in classrooms and on campus for coming forward, isolated and alone.  To them, Title IX is everything and weakening or eroding this landmark law would take away hope for survivors when they
already have few places to turn.  We must continue to go forward – not take unnecessary steps backward. 

It was also disappointing that no survivor groups were invited to your announcement at George Mason University.  Including these groups is essential in ensuring the Department hears all voices when crafting policies that are responsive to the needs of survivors.
It is our hope that you will do a better job of engaging survivors moving forward.

Going backwards is simply unacceptable and failing to provide a safe, transparent, and fair environment to survivors is not something we will entertain.  As you continue these proceedings, we urge you to not weaken enforcement of Title IX in both K-12 settings
and on college campuses.  We will continue to keep a close eye on this issue to ensure the survivors of sexual assault are protected. 





Debbie Dingell

Member of Congress

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