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Prevent the President from Pardoning Himself or His Family

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Current cosponsors (36): A. Green, Adams, Barragan, Beatty, Bishop Jr., Blumenauer, Butterfield, Conyers Jr., Cummings, Delaney, DeSaulnier, Dingell, Evans, Fudge, Gallego, Gutierrez, Hanabusa, Huffman, Jackson Lee, Jayapal, E. Johnson, H.
Johnson, R. Kelly, Krishnamoorthi, Lee, Lieu, Lofgren, McGovern, Meeks, Moore, Richmond, Rochester, Sherman, B. Thompson, Watson Coleman, F. Wilson

Dear Colleague,

Please join me in supporting “a resolution calling for a limit on the President’s ability to pardon or grant a reprieve to himself or members of his family for an offense against the United States.”  As drafted, Article II Section 2 of the
Constitution, which outlines the responsibilities of our nation’s Executive Power, was written with the belief that the holders of the office of President of the United States would serve with honor, justice, and humility. Unfortunately, for the safety and
integrity of our government, the current President has exhibited behavior that highlights the need to limit his pardoning powers.

While the President’s power to pardon himself remains questionable, under the Constitution, he is able to pardon members of his family and other kin without consequence or reservation.  In order to prevent a reckless abuse of Constitutional authority, Congress
must send a message to all Americans that it won’t allow this or any President to soil the sacred intent of our founders.

Five congressional and special panels continue their investigations into the President and his family’s involvement in election tampering and other concerns, as well as a series of reports by the media that those closest to the President have already engaged
in discussions on ways to utilize the President’s pardoning powers. In addition, there is an apparent lack of consensus among constitutional scholars regarding the President’s ability to pardon himself.

Due to the unprecedented nature of the ongoing investigations, concern that the current President’s family may be implicated in wrongdoing (whether inadvertent or overt), and the current President’s demonstrated impulsiveness, it has become Congress’
responsibility to provide a check on this executive power.

No President is above the law. By extension, his family is not above the law either. Millions of Americans face the consequences of their own unlawful actions, and they repay their debt to society. If any President or his family commits federal crimes, benign
or extreme, they too must face the penalties. For 228 years, 43 other occupants of the presidency acknowledged their privilege to serve and honored their solemn oath to the Constitution and the American people. Because honorable, just, and humble men have
previously served as President, some powers and privileges have survived through inference alone. Due to the current President’s proven propensity to slander the truth and exploit legal ambiguity for personal gain, we must explicitly forbid this president’s
potential for abuse. It’s our civic duty to preserve our historic democracy’s good name.

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Karen Bass
Member of Congress

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