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Current Signers: Keating, Shea-Porter, Capuano, Cicilline, Clark, Clarke, DeFazio, DeSaulnier, Ellison, Espaillat, Evans, Grijalva, B. Higgins, Kennedy, Khanna, Loebsack, Lynch, McGovern, Moulton, Napolitano, Neal, Pingree, Pocan,
Poliquin, Rush, Sablan, Suozzi, Takano, G. Thompson, Tsongas

Dear Colleague,

As we approach the beginning of Fiscal Year 2018, we ask that you join us in urging Secretary Price to quickly release the highest possible amount of funds for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

LIHEAP funds help low-income families, seniors, and those living with disabilities with the cost of heating and cooling their homes, especially when facing financial hardship.  Federal funds are distributed to state- and local-level organizations who seek
out the members of their communities with the greatest need.  The funds are then leveraged to make sure these people stay safe in extreme temperatures.

With winter approaching, time is of the essence for much of the country.  Please ensure community agencies have adequate resources to provide vital help.
The letter will close COB Monday, September 25.  To sign on, or if you have any questions, please contact Mike Wertheimer in Rep. Keating’s office at or Tony Hobbs in Rep. Shea-Porter’s office at


Member of Congress

Member of Congress

Dear Secretary Price:

We write to request the quick release of FY 2018 funds for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), at the highest amount possible under the current continuing resolution.

LIHEAP is a critical safety net for low-income families, our elderly, our veterans, and those living with disabilities.  Throughout the country, people rely on LIHEAP assistance to help them pay their utility bills through hot summers and cold winters, especially
when faced with financial difficulties.  For many states, October signals the start of the cold-weather season, so the need for heating assistance is imminent.

As state and local agencies begin providing assistance for the next fiscal year, it is imperative they have the resources they need to ensure those in need stay warm this winter.  Accordingly, we respectfully ask that you release the highest possible level
of FY 2018 LIHEAP funds so these important agencies can prepare for the coming season.

Thank you for your support of the LIHEAP program. We appreciate your consideration, and we look forward to timely action by your Department to help our most vulnerable citizens in need.



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