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Become an Original Cosponsor – CAMPUS HATE Crimes Act


Co-Sponsors: (7) Reps. Clarke, Demings, Dingell, Ellison, Evans, Holmes Norton, Wilson

Dear Colleague,

I am writing to request you co-sponsor the Creating Accountability Measures Protecting University Students Historically Abused, Threatened, and Exposed to Crimes (CAMPUS HATE Crimes) Act of 2017.  Since the beginning of the 2016 academic
school year, there has been an unprecedented spike in racist and hate-based activity on college campuses. Hate watch groups have tracked over 150 incidents on college campuses in 33 states.

Back in May, the murder of Lt. Richard Collins III at the hands of an alleged white supremacist on the campus of the University of Maryland deeply affected me. Richard Collins was a bright and honorable young man, whose life and service to our country was
tragically cut short. Nearly 100 days later, the violent hate groups escalated in Charlottesville, VA and took the life of Heather Heyer. Without an adequate condemnation from the White House or robust response from Congressional leaders, these groups are
feeling emboldened and will continue to push their beliefs until we act.

Hate groups have openly boasted of their efforts to establish a physical presence on college campuses and specifically target young individuals and students.  Congress must act to create a more inclusive and safe learning environment for all students at
our institutions of higher learning (IHE).

The CAMPUS HATE Crimes Act of 2017 addresses the need for hate crime prevention and response programs by requiring accreditors to asses an IHE’s campus safety programs during the accreditation process, including the annual dissemination
of certain information to students and faculty. The bill, creates a needs-based grant program, modifies the agreement between the institutions of higher education and the Department of Education and amends the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy
and Campus Crime Statistics Act.

Specifically, the legislation:

  • Hate Crimes Prevention and Response Program
    • Requires institutions to distribute annually to all students and faculty information relevant to their campus safety programs, regarding hate crimes. This information must include, at a minimum, the standards of conduct, description of legal sanctions for
      perpetrating a crime, description of available counseling, medical treatment, or rehabilitation programs that are available.
  • Grant Program
    • Provides a needs-based grant program to develop, implement and improve prevention and response to hate crimes on campuses. The grant will focus on training, technical assistance, evaluation, and other associated services to assist the higher education community.
  • Program Participation Agreement
    • Amends the Program Participation Agreements (PPA) between the institutions of higher education and the Dept. of Education to include hate crime provisions created within this legislation. The PPA is a binding document the IHE provides to ED to agree to
      meet title IV requirements before Federal Student Aid money is awarded.
  • Reporting Requirement
    • Amends the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act to require campus authorities to inform law enforcement, regardless of jurisdiction, of all reported hate crimes in an effort to unify reporting numbers.

The true test of a country’s strength and moral authority is how it rises to meet moments of adversity. We cannot stand idly by and allow our great country be torn apart or driven into darkness. A country that survived a Civil War to move closer towards
a more perfect union – whose Greatest Generation fought and died to defeat Nazism and extend prosperity, and whose sons and daughters of different faiths, races, gender, ethnicity, orientation and identification rose in non-violent protest to defeat Jim Crow
and expand equality and justice – demands and deserves better.

To cosponsor the legislation, please contact Michael Matthews in my office at 5-8699 or




Anthony G. Brown

Member of Congress

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