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Dear Colleague:

Over the past month, North Korea has made, and continues to make, aggressive statements targeting the American territory of Guam.  Please join me in condemning North Korea’s threats against the United States and the American citizens on Guam, including
our military personnel and families who are reaffirming the commitment to the defense of the island.  North Korea has continually showed willful disregard to United Nations resolutions, international agreements, sanctions, and arms controls in pursuit of its
illicit nuclear weapons program.  It has conducted dozens of ballistic missiles and components tests since 2016, including its reportedly first successful intercontinental ballistic missile test on July 4, 2017.  North Korea’s ballistic missile program has
demonstrated North Korea’s ability to reach Guam, home to more than 162,000 American citizens and over 10,000 United States military personnel and their families.  North Korea has made reprehensible threats to strike the island’s territorial waters.  These
aggressive actions call for strong condemnation, as well as support for evaluating defensive and strategic engagements.

This resolution condemns North Korea’s continued threats to the American citizens on Guam, reaffirms our nation’s absolute support to the security of Guam and United States territorial waters, supports the evaluation of investments in defensive capabilities
in the region, reaffirms the forward deployment of missile defense systems, urges enhanced strategic diplomatic engagement and military cooperation, demands that the international community fully enforce sanctions against North Korea, and condemns any further
escalation that endangers Guam and our citizenry.

I ask you to support this resolution to send a strong message of reassurance to the people of Guam and to ensure that the necessary resources are in place to counter any aggression from North Korea against the United States citizens who reside there.
To co-sponsor, or if you have any questions, please contact my Legislative Director, Jason McMahon, at 5-1188 or at



Madeleine Z. Bordallo
Member of Congress

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