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Dear Colleague,

Please join me and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in sponsoring legislation that will make it easier and cheaper for Americans to file their taxes. Senator Elizabeth Warren is sponsoring substantively identical legislation in the Senate.

Under the Tax Filing Simplification Act, most Americans would receive a tax return already prepared by the IRS. They could hit “submit” and they’re done. Or they could make changes and then hit “submit.” (The program would begin with single taxpayers
in simple situations and in a few years expand to cover the bulk of all taxpayers.) The program is voluntary and taxpayers could chose to prepare their returns just as they do now.

This is not a new or untested idea. Legislation passed by a Republican Congress in 1998, required the IRS to develop a “return-free” tax filing system. Yet, nearly a decade after the law’s 2008 implementation deadline, that system remains undeveloped in
the United States.[i] In the meantime, many of our European allies have developed systems to provide their citizens with pre-prepared tax returns with great success.

The Tax Filing Simplification Act also makes two other common-sense changes to assist all taxpayers with preparing and filing their taxes. First, the bill requires the IRS to create new software to allow all taxpayers to prepare and file their taxes
directly through the IRS.  Second, the bill would also allow taxpayers to download information reported to the IRS (like their W-2 and 1099 forms) directly from the IRS’s website. This data could be used as a starting point for those who choose to complete
their own returns.

Finally, the bill requires the IRS to work with state tax authorities in order to provide technical assistance to states that elect to provide pre-prepared state income tax returns or develop free tax filing software. The IRS would also be directed to develop
a system to allow for federal income tax data to be integrated with these state systems.

Join me in making the tax filing process simpler and cheaper. Please contact Nicole Frazer at or 5-5911 if you would like to be added as a cosponsor.



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