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Become an Original Cosponsor of the Stop Foreign Donations Affecting Our Elections Act

Increase transparency and close the loophole that allows foreign contributions


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ENDORSED BY: Take Back Our Republic


Dear Colleague,


I invite you to become an original cosponsor the Stop Foreign Donations Affecting Our Elections Act, legislation that would strengthen disclosure requirements in order to prevent foreign nationals from potentially funneling hundreds of millions of dollars
to U.S. campaigns.

In recent years, our federal election laws have garnered much debate from across the political spectrum. One part of the campaign finance equation that has become commonplace in the 21st century is the receipt of campaign contributions paid by
credit cards online.  Unfortunately, current disclosure requirements for online donations make it relatively easy for bad actors to violate federal contribution limits, or worse, for foreign money to influence U.S. elections.

six-month investigation conducted by the Government Accountability Institute
found our current system to be extremely vulnerable to this type of abuse. These susceptibilities are not limited to one political party. During the 2012 campaign cycle,

hundreds of millions of dollars flowed to presidential candidates from undisclosed donations
. The report also found that “of the 446 House and Senate members who have an online donation page, 47.3% do not require the three or four digit credit card security
number (officially called the Card Verification Value, or the CVV) for Internet contributions.”

Current federal law limits the amounts that donors can contribute and rightly prohibits foreign nationals from making campaign contributions to U.S. elections. It would be an abdication of U.S. sovereignty to continue to allow our election system to be influenced
by contributions from foreigners circumventing federal law.

This bill would prohibit foreign nationals from cheating the system and would amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to require the disclosure of the credit verification value (CVV) and billing address for all online contributions. As technology
advances, we must continue to stay ahead of the curve in thwarting those who wish to inappropriately influence our political processes.

Help protect the integrity of U.S. elections by increasing transparency and closing the loophole that allows foreign contributions. Full disclosure of online contributions will ensure that the American people know the sources of campaign money and will greatly
assist with maintaining a system of free and fair elections.

Should you have any questions or to add your support to this bill, please do not hesitate to contact Joshua Ronk at 202-225-2315 or at Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this request.


Paul A Gosar, D.D.S.
Member of Congress

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