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Support Bipartisan Resolution Condemning Human Rights Violations in Hungary

Dear Colleague, 
Recently, we have been concerned to see an increase in undemocratic policies and practices in Hungary. As a member of NATO and important ally, we are concerned about this trend which we highlight in H. Res 353.

Specifically, Prime Minister Orban has sought to stifle any opposition to his rule and consolidate his power by suppressing free speech and assembly, as well as independent thought from universities, civil society groups, and independent think tanks. Orban
has made his intentions clear, declaring in 2014 that he preferred an ‘’illiberal state’’ and ‘’illiberal democracy’’ citing Russia as his model.

These statements and numerous changes to laws being pushed through the Hungarian parliament have been condemned by the European Union and a number of international organizations including the International Federation for Human Rights,
the European Association for the Defense of Human Rights, Amnesty International, Reporters without Borders, and Human Rights Watch. (April 25,

We are proud to count 1,500,000 Hungarian-Americans as strong contributors to the economic vibrancy of the US, as well as the social, cultural, and political fabric of our country and therefore urge Hungary to reverse these laws and
policies that curtail individual rights and basic freedoms.

We urge you to co-sponsor this resolution recognizing the long-standing U.S. – Hungary relationship and supporting a democratic Hungary by contacting Peter Billerbeck with Rep. Seth Moulton at 


Thank you for your consideration, 

Seth Moulton                     Joe Wilson                           Gregory Meeks                   Vicky Hartzler
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