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Help Expand Broadband Access to Rural and Low-Income Areas

Cosponsor H.R. 2870, the Gigabit Opportunity Act


Dear Colleague,

High-speed internet access has become a pillar of our 21st Century economy and a prerequisite to economic growth in America. Broadband access has revolutionized virtually every dimension of our lives—from education to tele-medicine, and entrepreneurship.
While some of us can take internet access for granted, many of our neighbors live each day without a reliable internet connection, meaning the opportunities afforded by this resource are closed to them.

Unfortunately, efforts to extend broadband infrastructure to low-income rural and urban communities continue to fall short. An overly complex regulatory environment and a lack of long-term capital have compounded the difficulties in bridging this digital
divide. As a result, the information highway stops short of many low-income communities. It is imperative that we allow companies to expand America’s broadband infrastructure and work to give every community access to the 21st Century.

I introduced H.R. 2870, the Gigabit Opportunity (GO) Act, to do just that. The GO Act builds upon FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s vision for Gigabit Opportunity Zones and encourages the streamlining of patchwork regulations that currently discourage broadband expansion.
It empowers governors to designate the low-income communities that would most benefit from smarter, simpler policies as “Gigabit Opportunity Zones.” It also provides tax incentives for companies to invest in gigabit-capable broadband expansion within these

H.R. 2870 will concentrate private investment in broadband expansion in the low-income rural and urban communities that so desperately need it. I encourage you to join me in supporting expanded internet access for our underserved communities by cosponsoring
the Gigabit Opportunity Act.

For more information, or to cosponsor, contact Jon Ferro in my office at or 6-5351.



Doug Collins

Ninth Congressional District of Georgia

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