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Dear Colleague:

I am writing to encourage your support of The Reforming and Expanding Access to Treatment (TREAT) Act (H.R. 982), which I have reintroduced to increase access to substance abuse treatment services.

As you know, we are currently facing a nationwide epidemic of heroin and prescription drug abuse that is resulting in drastic increases in addiction rates, overdose deaths, and incarceration.  However, unnecessary restrictions are in place that limit the
use of federal resources needed to help combat this growing epidemic and provide treatment to individuals suffering from substance abuse disorders and addiction.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) prohibits the use of grants from its Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) for services provided to individuals who are incarcerated – limiting their use to only community-based treatment
  As a result of the heroin epidemic, many individuals’ substance abuse disorders are first identified as a result of their interaction with the criminal justice system.  Unfortunately, this policy barrier eliminates our ability to provide
treatment when an individual enters the justice system.  With the heroin epidemic continuing to spread, these resources should be available to provide treatment to individuals in both community-based and institutional settings.

Additionally, Medicaid does not reimburse for substance abuse treatment services furnished to individuals who are incarcerated.  Under Medicaid’s Institution for Mental Disease (IMD) exclusion, facilities with more than sixteen beds are not
eligible for reimbursement.  Simply put, the substance abuse treatment these individuals need would be available to them if they were not incarcerated.  Individuals eligible for, and enrolled in, Medicaid should not lose access to treatment because they are

This lack of funding flexibility severely limits our ability to stem the growing tide of heroin and opiate prescription drug abuse that is taking lives and harming our communities.  That is why I have introduced the TREAT Act.
This commonsense bill simply lifts these restrictions to afford greater resource flexibility and access to substance abuse treatment for individuals who are incarcerated.

If you have any questions or would like to cosponsor, please contact Dan Hare on my staff at or 5-6465.


Michael R. Turner
Member of Congress

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