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May 2, 2017

Join the Yellow Pages Caucus

Say No to Government Monopolies and Unfair Competition

Dear Colleague:

To help reduce the size and scope of government by getting it out of activities that private, for-profit entities, operating in a competitive free market, are better suited to perform,
we invite you to join the Yellow Pages Caucus.

Today, the federal government owns and operates hundreds of entities that are commercial in nature. They perform functions that are not inherent or unique to government, but rather functions that are best completed by small businesses that can be found in
the Yellow Pages in virtually every town in America. The Yellow Pages Caucus is a group of members of Congress who believe that we should rely upon the private sector to provide commercially available goods and services to the government and the American people.

The Yellow Pages Caucus believes in applying the “Yellow Pages Test” to all federal activities—if a federal activity is available from a private company found in the Yellow Pages or the telephone book, that activity either falls outside the responsibilities
of the federal government or should instead be performed by a private sector firm under contract with the federal government.

In order to lead like-minded members of Congress, the Yellow Pages Caucus continues to be the voice and organizer of proactive legislation, education, networking, and policy initiatives, as well as the caucus that brings together pro-free market parties
in order to save scarce taxpayer resources.

The Yellow Pages Caucus will work to ensure that the government utilizes the private sector to the maximum extent possible; fights unfair competition with and duplication of the private sector by government, universities, nonprofits, and government-run prison
industries; and advances policies and legislation to ensure that the U.S. government supports, rather than impedes, growth in the private sector and small business community.

To learn more or to become a member of the Yellow Pages Caucus, please contact Ron Donado, staffer for Congressman Pete Sessions at

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