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Dear Colleague:

I urge you to join me protecting our service members and their spouses from predatory for-profit colleges by co-sponsoring the Ensuring Quality Education for Veterans Act which treats Department of Defense (DOD) tuition assistance and spousal benefits as
federal funds. Our men and women in uniform receive tuition assistance from the DOD when they enroll in higher education. But their hard-earned benefits are often a target of for-profit colleges, who will aggressively enroll service members by misrepresenting
their job prospects upon graduation and the quality of the education they can expect to receive.

The federal 90/10 rule prohibits for-profit postsecondary institutions from deriving more than 90 percent of their revenues from federal funds. However, a loophole in the rule allows for-profit colleges to take advantage of service members and their education
benefits. They are not currently required to report these funds as coming from the federal government.

We can put an end to these abusive practices. Join me in helping to close this loophole and protect our service members. If you would like to co-sponsor, or have any further questions, please contact Alexandra Uriarte at


Maxine Waters
Member of Congress


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