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Teacher Health and Wellness:

Fostering Student Achievement by Supporting Teacher’s Mental and Physical Well-being

Wednesday June 14th

11:00 am to 1:30 pm

CVC 217


Dear Colleague,

Stress affects the physical health of teachers which compromises teaching performance and negatively impacts student well-being. Teachers with high levels of stress are less effective in raising student achievement than their healthier peers. According to
a 2014 Gallup survey, 46 percent of teachers experience high daily stress during the school year. This percentage is tied for the highest rate of high daily stress among occupations. Stress is contributing to the high turnover rate among teachers and is estimated
to cost over $7 billion per year.

This cost comes from a constant loss of investment in training new teachers as almost half leave the classroom within five years. Luckily several policies and programs show promise for increasing retention by reducing teacher stress and its consequences.
According to the
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
, “Programs for mentoring, workplace wellness, social emotional learning and mindfulness are all proven to improve teacher well-being and student outcomes.” Understanding these interventions is important to help support educators
so that they can bring out the highest potential in their students.

You are invited to join the Committee for Children and Honorary co-host Representative Tim Ryan (OH-13) for a briefing on these programs to support teacher well-being and their effects on student success.
The distinguished panelists will analyze the impact of teacher stress and research-based strategies and policy opportunities.

The briefing will feature:

  • Gene Wilhoit, CEO of the Center for Innovation in Education at the University of Kentucky
  • Dr. Tish Jennings, Associate Professor of Education at the University of Virginia
  • Dr. Josh Brown, Associate Professor of Psychology at Fordham University
  • Kori Sanchez Smith
    Social Emotional Learning Coordinator at Atlanta Public Schools


If you have any questions, please contact Stephen Kostyo ( with Rep. Tim Ryan.


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