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Dear Colleague,

Last month, the White House submitted to Congress a request for additional appropriations in the amount of

$3 billion dollars
to fund President Trump’s executive orders to ramp up his mass deportation agenda. These efforts are wasteful and ineffective. There is no strategic plan to further a family–centered immigration plan, nor an assessment of the impact of
President Trump’s enforcement agenda on the borderlands, border communities or the economy at our Southern borders. An evaluation and analysis that addresses real security concerns such as organized criminal organizations, and human, drug and gun trafficking,
is needed prior to spending additional billions under the false pretense of security.

While funding for the border wall is no longer the focal point of the current appropriations negotiations, I along with immigrant rights organizations, strongly oppose additional funds that will lead to more families and children in immigration detention
centers, the further militarization of our borderlands and the continuous separation of families.

A report from the
American Immigration Lawyers Association
finds that the United States currently spends almost $20 billion on immigration enforcement each year; this has led to the increase of ICE and CBP agents, fencing, border security technologies, and the expansion
of for-profit immigration detention centers that jail adults and children. This amount is more than all other federal enforcement agencies combined.

It is clear that the Trump Administration is not interested in working towards real solutions that will address immigration in this country. That is why I have strong reservations of additional funding to further an already failed enforcement-only regime.

This enforcement and anti-immigrant rhetoric has been the primary political red meat that the Trump administration has consistently used to justify his administration to a narrow part of the American electorate. We must not embolden this dangerous anti-immigrant
Trump agenda by granting additional funds toward this enforcement-only plan. Doing so will only pave the way for the Trump backed for-profit detention industry to receive their kick-back through additional private detention beds.


Raúl M. Grijalva

Member of Congress

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