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Bill: H.R. 1358
Date: 4/11/2017

H.R. 1358, the Scientific Integrity Act-Support this week before the March For Science (April 22)

113 Cosponsors

Dear Colleague,


Some of the best and brightest scientific minds work at federal agencies protecting the environment, maintaining our national security, and protecting the health of every American. It is critical that we ensure scientific integrity in the conduct and application
of federally funded research. The processes though which science is conducted, reviewed, communicated to the public, and incorporated into policymaking must be transparent, and must be free from inappropriate political, ideological, financial or other undue


In the past, scientists at federal agencies have experienced inappropriate political interference in the scientific process and unjustified rhetoric impugning the work of federal scientists. This is not a partisan issue. There have been accusations of such
interference during both Republican and Democratic administrations. Scientists themselves should always be held to the highest ethical and professional standards. It makes sense to put scientific integrity policies into place across federal agencies. In recent
years, 24 federal agencies have developed such policies. This was a positive step toward ensuring that agencies have strong and clear policies, but agency policies do not have the force of law, and may be unevenly enforced. In order to ensure scientific integrity,
these principles need to be codified by Congress.


That is why we introduced H.R. 1358, the Scientific Integrity Act, which will protect scientific integrity in federal research and policymaking.


The Scientific Integrity Act:


·         States that science should fully and transparently inform policy decisions, free from inappropriate politics, ideology, or financial conflicts of interest.

·         Requires each federal agency that funds or conducts scientific research to establish scientific integrity principles and sets basic requirements for agency-specific scientific integrity policies that adhere to those principles.

·         Helps facilitate the free flow of scientific and technological information while protecting privacy, confidentiality and national security.


We hope you will join us in standing up for science and protecting scientific integrity by cosponsoring the Scientific Integrity Act. If you would like to cosponsor the legislation or have any questions, please contact Emily Duhovny with Congressman Tonko




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