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Co-Sponsor H.R. 418

Support local public-private partnerships to increase the accessibility and quality of medical care for disabled veterans

Dear Colleague,

Our disabled veterans deserve easy access to the highest-quality medical care available. With local hospitals unequipped to treat their unique needs, millions of veterans annually fail to receive the quality medical care they deserve.

H.R. 418 will establish public-private partnerships with Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) and other community non-profits who are able to provide disabled veterans with local, effective treatment options when remedying medical conditions. This three-year pilot program would provide competitive, grant-based funding to organizations that promote the accessibility and quality of veterans’ services such as medical treatment, counseling, and transportation services for not only disabled veterans, but their family caregivers as well.

With established local networks, these community organizations are better able to meet the complex medical needs of disabled veterans in diverse environments, thus helping to establish the best practices for the VA to utilize in the future. These valiant individuals deserve the highest-quality of medical care, and H.R. 418 will help to ensure that each community provides the support services specific to their veterans’ particular needs.

Please join our cause and ensure that disabled veterans are treated with the proper care they deserve. If you have any questions, or would like to be a cosponsor, please contact Zachary Weber at or (202) 225-5802.


Brenda L. Lawrence

Member of Congress

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