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April 26, 2017

No More Handouts to Pakistan:

Terminate Islamabad’s Major Non-NATO Ally Status

Dear Colleague,

I urge you to sign on as an original cosponsor to a bill that would revoke major non-NATO ally (MNNA) status from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

In 2004, then President Bush granted Pakistan MNNA status in an effort to get Pakistan to help the United States fight al-Qaeda and the Taliban. MNNA status is significant, granting critical benefits in the areas of foreign aid and defense cooperation. A MNNA country is eligible for priority delivery of defense material, an expedited arms sale process, and a U.S. loan guarantee program, which backs up loans issued by private banks to finance arms exports. It can also stockpile U.S. military hardware, participate in defense research and development programs, and be sold more sophisticated weaponry.

Thirteen years after its designation, the evidence shows that Pakistan has in fact been no ally of the United States. It has cut off the supply route to our troops in Afghanistan, refusing to re-open it without the U.S. apologizing and paying three times as much as before. It harbors and cooperates with the Taliban who kill American troops. Just this past May a U.S. airstrike killed Mullah Mansour, leader of the Taliban, who was using his safe haven in Pakistan to plan attacks against the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, which is American soil. In a 2011 Senate hearing, then Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen testified that the terrorist Haqqani Network sheltered by Pakistan is “veritable arm” of Pakistan’s intelligence service.

Last August Secretary of Defense Ash Carter withheld $300 million in military reimbursements because he could not certify that Pakistan was taking adequate action against the Haqqani network, as required by the NDAA. H.R. XXX places these same certification requirements for designation of Pakistan as a major non-NATO ally.

I believe we need to make a clean break with Pakistan, but at the very least, we should stop providing them the eligibility to obtain our own sophisticated weaponry in an expedited process. Too many of our own men and women have died because of Islamabad’s treachery.

If you would like to be an original cosponsor or have any questions about the bill, please contact Oren Adaki in my office at by COB Monday, May 1st.




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