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Mark Takano


From: The Honorable Mark Takano
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Date: 4/11/2017

Practical campaign finance reform endorsed by Common Cause and Public Citizen


Dear Colleague,

All of us are fortunate to have much appreciated support from a diverse group of contributors. Our backers range from one-time, small donors who contribute $10 to larger donors who regularly support us. All of these contributors who help our campaigns expect
us to use these resources for a dedicated purpose, not to hold onto the funds indefinitely after leaving office. However, some former Members of Congress keep their campaign war chests for years (or in a few cases, more than a decade) without having any apparent
intention of ever running for elected office again.

To help prevent this activity and to ensure that our donors’ resources are utilized for the purpose that they were given, I have reintroduced the Let It Go Act. Simply, this legislation would require Members of Congress who have left office
to return unspent campaign funds to donors after six years from departing office or running for election. Alternatively, former Members of Congress could donate this unspent money to a charity of their choosing. In addition, anyone registered to be a lobbyist
would be required to resolve their campaign accounts within one year of enactment. This way our supporters will know that their funds are being used for a good purpose.

For more information or to original cosponsor, please contact Chay Halbert (Rep. Takano) at or 5-2305.



Mark Takano

Member of Congress