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Resolution to Encourage Holocaust Education in the US!


Endorsed by: AJC, Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, B’nai Brith, Holocaust Awareness Institute, Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center, National Coalition Supporting Eurasian Jewry, Simon Wiesenthal Center, Southern Poverty Law Center, World Jewish Restitution Organization

Original cosponsors: Bilirakis, Boyle, Carbajal, Cicilline, Cohen, Conyers, Deutch, Fitzpatrick, Kilmer, Lieu, Maloney, Nadler, Pascrell, Ros-Lehtinen, Sires, Wasserman-Schultz, Weber, Wilson


Dear Colleague,


More than 70 years after the conclusion of the Holocaust, it’s now even more important to remember this tragic chapter of our history. Across the globe and here in the United States, there are still troubling numbers of people ignorant of the events of the Holocaust and the genocidal pursuits of the Nazi regime – even those who deny that the Holocaust occurred. This threatens Jews and democratic societies around the world. These insensitive and deceitful beliefs are all too common, and only serve to dishonor those who were persecuted, tortured, and killed. Sadly, with each passing year we lose some of our greatest ambassadors and storytellers as Holocaust survivors age and pass away. We cannot learn from and correct our mistakes without an honest look at our history.


As Members of Congress who proudly represent large populations of survivors in our districts, we take issue with the fact that most states across the country do not require any public school instruction about the events of the Holocaust. Too many students are graduating high school with little exposure to Holocaust education and its universal relevance. This shared human experience is, of course, historically significant; but it is also our best defense against unchecked intolerance and bigotry.


We are proud that eight states require by law that schools teach students about the Holocaust and the lessons that can be learned from that tragic chapter of history. The Congress has a proud history of consistently acting to preserve the memory of the Holocaust, including the establishment of a national Holocaust Remembrance Day in 1978. However, today, we find it necessary to express our unity in support of putting Holocaust curricula into the classroom.


To this end, are introducing a resolution of support to recognize the importance of efforts to include Holocaust education in public school curricula and encourage other states to consider adopting such curricula. To cosponsor the resolution or receive further information, please contact Alana Shaw ( with Rep. Boyle’s office.





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