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We urge you to join us in cosponsoring the Ukraine Cybersecurity Cooperation Act, H.R. 1997. This bill requires the Department of State to report to Congress on the status of U.S. cybersecurity cooperation with Ukraine for the purpose of seeking new areas for collaboration and assistance, as well as to pursue cooperation with regional partners and organizations to address shared cyber challenges, to the benefit of both nations.

In recent years, Ukraine has suffered massive cyber attacks:

  1. In December 2015, hackers remotely shut down power at three regional electricity distribution companies creating a power outage affecting over 200,000 customers for one to six hours. [Link to article]
  2. Last year, specialists discovered a malware infected computer at an airport in Ukraine: evidence of a suspected cyberattack. [Link to article]
  3. Days before Ukraine’s 2014 Presidential election, hackers infiltrated Ukraine’s Central Election Commission with a series of attacks that disabled the website in an attempt to sew distrust in the outcome of the election of President Poroshenko. [Link to article]

Cybersecurity is the national security challenge of our time. Cyber warfare is cheap to carry out and easy for adversaries to hide behind, making it particularly damaging, difficult to detect, and impossible for the victim to quickly respond. However, with this challenge comes need and opportunity for the United States to work with its allies to increase national and economic security for both countries. To this end, H.R. 1997 will help the United States and Ukraine formalize their cyber collaboration and strengthen their defenses.

To cosponsor the bill, or with any questions, please contact Carly Frame ( with Rep. Boyle or Joseph Knowles ( with Rep. Fitzpatrick’s office.


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