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Congress Needs to Pass Tax Reform within the President’s First 240 Days in Office

Cosponsor H. Res. 272, expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the President of the United States shall, with the help of the Congress, address comprehensive tax reform within the first 240 days of the
President’s administration.

Dear Colleague:

The President and the 535 Members of Congress have the knowledge and wisdom to overcome one of the biggest and most daunting policy challenges of our time: comprehensive tax reform.  With many years of life, business, and government experience, policymakers
collectively possess more than sufficient savvy to solve the problem.  The question is whether the political will exists to make it happen. So long as there is unity of purpose and shared sacrifice, America’s best days are surely yet to come.

I think we are well positioned to promote robust economic growth by fixing America’s broken federal tax code.  Our nation must remain the best place to start businesses and create jobs. However, the current code stifles economic growth and thwarts job creation.
Those problems must end. Nothing less than strong presidential and congressional leadership is needed to streamline our byzantine tax system.

The plan of action is straightforward. This year, Congress needs to pass and the President needs to sign into law comprehensive tax reform legislation that simplifies the tax code, lowers tax rates, and reduces the deficit.

In the 240th year of our republic, it would be fitting to witness a Rose Garden signing ceremony enacting reforms within the President’s first 240 days in office. That is why introduced H. Res. 272, expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that
such action should take place.

If you would like to cosponsor this resolution, please contact Tripp DeMoss in my office at or extension 55744.


Ted S. Yoho, D.V.M.

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