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Cosponsor H.R. 1772, the Accessible Instructional Materials in Higher Education (AIM HIGH) Act
Supported by National Federation of the Blind, American Council on Education, Association of American Publishers, Software & Information Industry Association, EDUCAUSE, Benetech, American Association of People with Disabilities, Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs, Association on Higher Education And Disability
Dear Colleague,
Technology has fundamentally changed the education system. Students with disabilities often face challenges accessing learning resources, such as print-based materials, but technology offers the opportunity to expand the circle of participation. A GAO report found that students with disabilities represented nearly 11 percent of all postsecondary students in 2008, a number that is likely to have grown since then.
To help address this growing challenge in higher education, we introduced H.R. 1772, the Accessible Instructional Materials in Higher Education Act. This legislation would establish an independent commission to develop voluntary guidelines for accessible postsecondary electronic instructional materials and related technologies to ensure students with disabilities are afforded the same educational benefits as non-disabled students. The commission will be comprised of key stakeholders including: representatives of the disability community; the higher education community; developers of postsecondary electronic instructional materials; manufacturers of related technologies; and non-profit organizations that provide accessible electronic materials. The commission will develop an annotated list of existing national and international IT standards as an information resource for institutions of higher education and companies that service the higher education market.
To incentivize schools to follow the voluntary guidelines that are developed, our legislation also provides a safe harbor to colleges and universities from lawsuits under titles II and III of the ADA and section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. There is also a limited safe harbor protection for institutions that do not fully conform to the voluntary guidelines, but who otherwise provide students with disabilities access to these instructional materials.
We are hopeful this approach will provide students with disabilities the same educational benefits afforded to nondisabled students. To cosponsor this bill, please contact Otto Katt with Congressman Roe at 5-6356 or
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