From: The Honorable Joyce Beatty
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Bill: H.Res. 243
Date: 4/4/2017

April 4, 2017

April is Financial Literacy Month

Co-Sponsor Bipartisan Resolution Recognizing the Goals and Ideals of Financial Literacy Month, H.Res.243

Dear Colleague:

Every year, the month of April is recognized as Financial Literacy Month. As co-chairs of the Financial and Economic Literacy Caucus, we write to ask your support for H.Res.243, Supporting the goals and ideals of “Financial Literacy

In 2004, the United States Senate passed a Resolution to officially recognize April as National Financial Literacy Month. Every year since, similar resolutions have been passed by the U.S. Senate and/or House of Representatives
to further promote the cause of Financial Literacy Month during the month of April.

Attaining financial literacy and education is a lifelong journey. From opening your first savings account to planning for retirement, financial literacy is a critically important aspect of everyday life. Yet, according to numerous
studies and surveys, 29% of households in the U.S. are unbanked or underbanked; only 27% of adults 22 – 26 years-old contribute to a 401(k); and, only 54% of adults say they could cover an emergency expense of $400 without borrowing money or selling something.
These eye-popping statistics demonstrate that more must be done to promote financial literacy with our Nation.

It is no longer enough simply to earn a paycheck at a decent living wage, our constituents need to understand the basics to planning, saving and investing for their futures and future generations. As Members of Congress we have
the unique opportunity to help them in this endeavor by raising awareness of public and private financial literacy programs and services, promoting economic educational forums and briefings, and advancing public policy.

As such, we ask that you join us in our efforts to promote the goals and ideals of Financial Literacy Month this April by co-sponsoring this bipartisan Resolution. To co-sponsor, or for more information, please contact our staff
at,gov (Beatty) or (Stivers).



Joyce Beatty                                                                           Steve Stivers

Member of Congress, OH-03                                                 Member of Congress, OH-15

Co-Chair, Financial & Economic Literacy Caucus                 Co-Chair, Financial & Economic Literacy Caucus