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Ted Lieu


From: The Honorable Ted Lieu
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Date: 3/31/2017

Ensure the Defense Digital Service Continues Its Vital Work

*This is a programmatic request*

DEADLINE: Monday, April 3 at COB

Dear Colleague:

Please join us in supporting robust funding for the Defense Digital Service (DDS), a dynamic, forward-thinking team which brings private sector cybersecurity expertise to protect the Pentagon’s networks. Since being established in FY16, DDS has championed
a number of successful initiatives, including the Hack the Pentagon program—the federal government’s first “bug bounty” to identify vulnerabilities in Department of Defense assets.

With cybersecurity becoming a critical national security issue, defense of DoD networks must be raised to a new level of importance—and DDS’s innovative and agile team has proven that it is a critical part of that effort. If you have any questions or would
like to cosign the letter, please contact Diana Parr with Congressman Ted Lieu’s office at or Kathryn Mitchell with Congressman Jim Langevin’s office at no later than close of business on April 3, 2017.


Ted. W. Lieu                                            Jim Langevin
Member of Congress                                 Member of Congress



The Honorable Kay Granger                                      The Honorable Peter J. Visclosky
Chairwoman                                                             Ranking Member
Subcommittee on Defense                                        Subcommittee on Defense
House Committee on Appropriations                         House Committee on Appropriations
H-405 The Capitol                                                    H-405 The Capitol
Washington, DC 20515                                             Washington, DC 20515

Dear Chairwoman Granger and Ranking Member Visclosky,

As Members of Congress with an interest in cybersecurity, we respectfully request your support for robust funding for the Defense Digital Service (program element 0901650D8W) as you prepare the Fiscal Year 2018 Defense Appropriations bill.

Established in 2015, the Defense Digital Service (DDS) brings private sector cybersecurity expertise to the Department of Defense (DOD) in order to protect the Pentagon’s networks. In its first year, DDS launched “Hack
the Pentagon
,” the first bug bounty program in the history of the federal government. The program won praise from Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, who stated his confidence in the “innovative initiative
[to] strengthen our digital defenses and ultimately enhance our national security.” DDS has since executed several additional bug bounty initiatives including “Hack the Army” and another designed to target sensitive assets that directly support critical DOD
missions. Following these successes, the Services have followed suit, executing events such as “Hack Our Ship” and “Hack The Sky,” further demonstrating the need for a coordinated effort to address the rising challenges we face.

Bug bounty is just one example of a private sector practice being imported successfully into the Department by DDS. The DDS team is recruited from the best of industry and is known leveraging outside experience to quickly, agilely, and flexibly tackle tough
security projects. Inadequate funding would undermine the development of this dynamic program and could impede DOD’s ability to protect its networks. We urge you to support robust funding for DDS in Fiscal Year 2018 to continue to grow this innovative team
and support DOD’s important mission of defending its networks. Thank you for your consideration.


[Members of Congress]