From: The Honorable James R. Langevin
Sent By:

Date: 3/27/2017

Support Career and Technical Education in FY18

Deadline: COB Wednesday, March 29, 2017


FY18 Signers (73):
Blumenauer, Brown, Brownley, Cardenas, Castor, Castro, Cicilline, Cleaver, Conyers, Costa, Costello, Courtney, Crowley, Curbelo, Danny Davis, DeFazio, DelBene, DeGette, DeSaulnier, Ellison, Etsy, Frankel, Foster, Garamendi, Graves, Green,
Hastings, Jackson Lee, Mike Kelly, Kennedy, Kind, Krishnamoorthi, Langevin, Larsen, Lawrence, Lee, Levin, John Lewis, Loebsack, Lowenthal, Lujan, Lujan Grisham, Lynch, MacArthur, McEachin, McNerney, McLane Kuster, Meehan, Meeks, Moore, Nolan, Norton, O’Halleran,
Pingnree, Pocan, Roe, Rush, Schrader, Sablan, Shea-Porter, Sires, Slaughter, Soto, Speier, Swalwell, Takano, Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson, Mike Thompson, Tonko, Frederica Wilson, Vargas, Vela, Yarmuth

FY17 Signers (118):
Langevin, Thompson, Cartwright, Crowley, Blum, Grijalva, Kirkpatrick, Takano, Jackson Lee, Pingree, Vargas, Vela, Ellison, Brown, Meeks, Carson, Kelly, Pocan, Veasey, Lowenthal, Rangel, Johnson (GA), Titus, Yarmuth, Green (Al), McNerney, Kennedy, Gutierrez,
Courtney, Schrader, Heck (NV) Schakowksky, Sires, Thompson, Castor, Peterson, Hartzler, Schiff, Levin, Bishop (GA), Takai, Keating, Swalwell, DelBene, Lynch, Wilson (FL), Speier, Larsen, McNerney, Donovan, Kildee, Kind, Tonko, Heck (WA), Kirkpatrick, Delaney,
Edwards, Johnson (Eddie Bernice), Huffman, Bishop (GA), Kuster, Cleaver, Garamendi, Smith (WA), Chu, Clark (MA), Graves (MO), Cicilline, Clarke (NY), Sinema, Scott (GA), Pierluisi, Frankel, Lujan Grisham, Connolly, Napolitano, Kinzinger, Brownley, Hastings,
Lee (CA), Welch, Blumenauer, Ellison, Higgins, Moore, Conyers, Sanchez (Linda), Benishek, Lujan, Bustos, MacArthur, McKinley, Costello, Davis (CA), DeGette, Carednas, DeFazio, Cicilline, Dold, Norton, Loebsack, Slaughter, Poliquin, Hinojosa, Beyer, Esty, DeSaulnier,
Scott (VA), Sewell, Foster, Nolan, Capps, Bonamici, Costa, Rush, Walz, Duckworth, Bera, Richmond, Lewis, Stefanik, Davis (IL), Van Hollen


Dear Colleague:

As co-chairs of the bipartisan Congressional Career & Technical Education (CTE) Caucus, we write to ask that you join us in sending a letter to appropriators (below) requesting
strong funding for the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act (Perkins) in the FY 2018 Labor, Health and Human Services and Education appropriations bill.

The Perkins Act is the primary source of federal funding for state and local CTE programs. In every congressional district, CTE programs play a vital role in ensuring that
skilled workers are capable of remaining competitive in high-wage, high-skill, and high-demand career fields.  These fields include STEM disciplines, nursing, allied health, construction, information technology, energy, cybersecurity and sustainability, all
of which help keep our nation competitive in the global economy.

Any reduction to Perkins funding would adversely affect millions of career and technical education students, employers in need of skilled workers and the future competitiveness
of this country. In our rapidly changing job market, Perkins programs prepare students to be career-and-college ready and equip adult workers with the tools they need to be successful in the 21st century workforce.

CTE programs exist in every Congressional District and play a critical role in workforce development and economic growth. We, therefore, invite you to join us in sending the
following letter requesting support for strong Perkins funding in FY18. Please contact either Kerry McKittrick ( in Rep. Langevin’s office or Katie Brown (
in Rep. Thompson’s office to sign on.




JIM LANGEVIN                                                                      GLENN ‘GT’ THOMPSON

Member of Congress                                                                           Member of Congress


Dear Chairman Cole and Ranking Member DeLauro:

We are writing to respectfully request strong funding for the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act (Perkins) in the Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 Labor, Health and Human
Services, and Education Appropriations bill. While we understand that the committee is faced with difficult choices to ensure fiscal responsibility, we urge you to consider the positive impact that Perkins-Act funding has on millions of career and technical
education students across the United States as well as its value to the business community, which relies upon these programs for a skilled workforce.

In the Omnibus Appropriations Act passed in January 2014, Perkins was funded at $1.125 billion, an increase of $53 million from FY13. While we are grateful that this funding
has been maintained through the current Fiscal Year, it has not kept pace with the growing demand for career and technical education, resulting in a high number of students being placed on waiting lists for CTE courses. Moreover, any reduction in Perkins funding
will result in lost job opportunities for young workers and adults looking to reenter the workforce.

The Education and Workforce Committee has long recognized the importance of strong and independent Perkins funding. In the 113th Congress, Perkins was intentionally exempted
from efforts to consolidate program funding under the bipartisan Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. In 2015, CTE programs were explicitly left out of the Every Student Succeeds Act in recognition of the importance of direct and targeted investment in
CTE. Furthermore, the House overwhelmingly passed H.R. 5587, the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act, a bill to reauthorize the Perkins Act, by a vote of 405-5.

We are hopeful your Subcommittee will follow suit and continue this bipartisan commitment to Perkins. As CTE programs evolve to meet the needs of employers in high-wage, high-skill,
and high-demand career fields, such as engineering, information technology and healthcare, it is more important than ever that we provide robust federal support for these programs.

CTE works to ensure that students have the academic, technical and employability skills necessary for true career readiness—and Perkins funding is key to their continued success.
Therefore, we urge you to include strong support for the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act in FY2018.