From: The Honorable Rod Blum
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Date: 3/2/2017

Join the Term Limits Caucus

Dear Colleague:

We invite you to join the bipartisan Term Limits Caucus – dedicated to the enactment of term limits for Members of Congress.

The Founding Fathers never intended for public service to be a lifelong career, but rather a temporary sacrifice made for the public good. Unfortunately, politicians are incentivized
by the system to care more about retaining their position than doing what is best for our country. Congressional term limits would ensure Members put the concerns of their district and the country before their own political aspirations and careers.

The Term Limits Caucus will serve as an organization for Members dedicated to advocating for the enactment of term limits and will conduct outreach to colleagues and staff
to explain why term limits are good for our country, and this institution. We encourage you to join us in putting the success of our nation before your political career.

To join the Term Limits Caucus, please contact Kirby Richard ( with Congressman Blum or Marc Rehmann (
with Congressm
an O’Rourke.




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