From: The Honorable Henry C. “Hank” Johnson, Jr.
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Date: 3/24/2017

Dear Colleague:

We write to invite you to join the bipartisan Congressional Rare Earth Caucus.  The Caucus serves as an informal group of Members committed to securing U.S. supply of rare earth elements, which are critical to clean energy and defense manufacturing, and
to educating other Members on this subject.

China controls about 95% of global rare earths production and over the past few years it has restricted the export of rare earth elements. These elements are critical to defense manufacturing and clean energy. In particular, they are used to produce electric
cars, aerospace equipment, LED bulbs, wind turbines, advanced batteries, powerful magnets, and military radar systems. Rare earth elements are also contained in iPhones and can be found in a smartphone’s screen, speakers, and circuitry. Rare earth elements
are critical to American consumers and cutting-edge businesses alike. China’s monopoly on these elements and our dependence on said presents a strategic vulnerability and threatens our national security, jobs, and energy independence.

This caucus will seek to build bipartisan support to promote a strong rare earth policy that reduces our dependence on supplies from China, secures our supply of rare earth elements, promotes domestic production of rare earth elements, and supports American
jobs. We encourage you to join the Congressional Rare Earth Caucus to help us develop legislation and support policy initiatives that support this important technology sector.

To join the Caucus, please contact Oleg Svet (Rep. Hank Johnson) and Ryan
 (Rep. Mike Coffman).


Member of Congress
Member of Congress