From: The Honorable Bradley Scott Schneider
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Date: 3/31/2017

Become an Original Cosponsor

Deadline: COB Monday, April 3rd 


Dear Colleague:

We invite you to join as an original cosponsor of the Homeless Veterans Assistance Fund Act of 2017.  This legislation would assist homeless veterans through the creation of a Homeless Veterans Assistance Fund and the creation of a “check-off box” on the
annual federal tax return form that would allow taxpayers to make a voluntary contribution in the amount of their choice to this fund.

Funds within the Homeless Veterans Assistance Fund would be available to the VA, in consultation with the Departments of Labor and Housing and Urban Development, solely to provide services to homeless veterans, including developing and implementing new and
innovative strategies to end veteran homelessness.  To ensure transparency and accountability in how these taxpayer dollars are spent, this legislation would require the President’s annual budget submission to congress to include proposed uses of funds from
the Homeless Veterans Assistance Fund and requires Congress to be notified 60 days in advance of any expenditure of such funds.

The number of homeless veterans in America is staggering.  It is estimated that 9% of the homeless adult population are veterans and nearly 40,000 veterans are homeless on any given night, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s 2016
Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress.  It is disgraceful that our soldiers are fighting in battle one day and have to come home to live in alleys and cardboard boxes the next.  This legislation would provide additional necessary resources to help
end the cycle of homelessness experienced by our nation’s veterans.

If you would like to cosponsor this legislation or have any questions, please contact Jessica Schwartz with Rep. Schneider ( or Scott Dziengelski with Rep. Murphy (



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