From: The Honorable John Garamendi
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Date: 3/27/2017


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Dear Colleague,

As Co-Chairs of the Congressional Peace Corps Caucus, we encourage you to sign on to this bipartisan letter to the leadership of the State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Subcommittee asking for level funding of $410 million for
Peace Corps in FY18.

Peace Corps celebrates its 56th anniversary this year, and the agency’s mission is just as relevant and vital as when it was founded in 1961. As 121 retired three- and four-star flag and general officers recently wrote to Congress, “Peace Corps and other
development agencies are critical to preventing conflict and reducing the need to put our men and women in uniform in harm’s way.”

Peace Corps Volunteers currently serve in 65 countries, where they are often the only Americans these host communities know. These grassroots diplomats carry out critical bipartisan, congressionally-authorized development projects in the fields of girls’
education and women’s empowerment, food security, and combating HIV/AIDS. Peace Corps Volunteers are able to impact communities and spread American values at the last mile.

Not surprisingly, demand for Peace Corps Volunteers far exceeds supply. More than 20 countries have requested Peace Corps Volunteers, and still other countries have requested an increase in the number of Volunteers they already accept. An appropriation of
$410 million is essential to ensure that Peace Corps can continue to strengthen all aspects of its operations and meet demand in priority areas around the globe.

Help your constituents take on the toughest job they’ll ever love – the Peace Corps. To sign on, please fill out THIS FORM.
If you have any questions, please contact Gabriel Sehr ( in Congressman Garamendi’s office. The deadline to sign on is Friday, March 24, 2017.


Member of Congress
Peace Corps Volunteer
Ethiopia, 1966-68
Co-Chair, Peace Corps Caucus

Member of Congress
Co-Chair, Peace Corps Caucus

Member of Congress
Peace Corps Volunteer
Dominican Republic, 2004-06
Co-Chair, Peace Corps Caucus