From: The Honorable Alcee L. Hastings
Sent By:

Date: 3/28/2017

Deadline:  March 28, 2016 at 5:00 PM

**This is a programmatic request**

Co-Signers: Adams, Boyle, Cleaver, Cohen, DeSaulnier, Frankel, Nadler, Payne, Jr., Wasserman Schultz, and Wilson

Dear Colleague,

Please join us in requesting that the Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations, and Related Accounts include report language urging the Department of State to provide $12 million for advancing the integration of Ethiopian-Israelis
into Israeli society.

The Ethiopian Israeli community is a traditionally underserved population in Israel. Of the 135,500 Ethiopians living in Israel today, two thirds were born in Ethiopia, many of whom were illiterate before coming to Israel. In many
cases, the transitions to modern Israeli society were a culture shock requiring acclimation to new customs and language.

Many American philanthropic organizations, such as the Jewish Federations of America and private stakeholders, are already actively engaged in improving the outlooks for the Ethiopian-Israeli community. While this funding is significant,
it is not sufficient to meet the needs of these communities. Expanding our countries’ bilateral partnership to support this type of programming would be a logical and effective way to continue improving upon our relationship.

If you have questions or would like to sign the letter, please contact Evan Polisar in Rep. Hastings’ office (5-1313,


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