From: The Honorable Mark Sanford
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Date: 2/22/2017


The Future of Aerospace:  A Briefing on Supersonic Flight

Date:  Thursday, February 23, 2017
Time:  12:00-1:00 PM
Location:  Rayburn 2253

Chick Fil A will be served

Dear Colleague:

Please join us for a lunch briefing with experts from the Mercatus Center and the Niskanen Center to discuss the history, technology, and regulation of supersonic flight.

Supersonic civil aircraft have been banned by the Federal Aviation Administration from flying over the United States since 1973. Despite this prohibition, there have been substantial advances in the aerospace industry including the development of “low boom”
technology that can mitigate the impact of a sonic boom. Consequently, there has been increased interest from both NASA and the commercial aerospace industry in developing supersonic aircraft.


  • Dr. Eli Dourado, Director, Technology Policy Program at the Mercatus Center
  • Sam Hammond, Policy Analyst, Niskanen Center

We hope your staff will be able to attend this briefing. Interns are welcome. Please RSVP here. For additional information or any questions, please contact Matt Furlow (


Office of Congressman Mark Sanford