From: The Honorable Rosa L. DeLauro
Sent By:

Date: 2/1/2017

Cosponsor the Child Tax Credit Improvement Act

Original Cosponsor Deadline Noon 2/2/2017

Cosponsors: Pelosi, Neal, Doggett, Levin, Crowley, Dingell, Gutierrez, Larson, John Lewis, Ben Ray Lujan, McGovern,
Meeks, Norton, Pascrell, Sanchez

Dear Colleague,

          Despite the success of the Child Tax Credit (CTC), economists have found that families with young children often receive the smallest
credits because they do not yet have enough income to receive the full benefit of the credit.  Additionally, all families have seen the value of the CTC decline with inflation due to the lack of annual adjustments.  That is why I will be introducing the Child
Tax Credit Improvement Act
, which would index the value of the CTC with inflation and increase the value of the CTC for families with young children. 

          The Child Tax Credit Improvement Act builds on the recent improvements to the CTC and the Earned Income Tax Credit,
which together, lift more children out of poverty than any other Federal program.   According to research published by the Century Foundation, the CTC alone now lifts nearly 1 in 8 children who would otherwise be poor out of poverty.

          Unlike the Estate Tax for the wealthiest Americans, the value of the Child Tax Credit is not indexed to inflation—resulting in an
erosion of the CTC every year for working and middle class families.  Indexing the CTC would help families by maintaining the purchasing power of the credit bring the program in step with our other critical anti-poverty programs.  If the CTC had been indexed
from its 2001 expansion, nearly one out of every poor child – and their family – would have been lifted above the poverty line.

          The Child Tax Credit Improvement Act also creates a special rule to increase the value of the credit to $3,600 for
families with children under age 6.  This would provide families with the youngest children with an additional tax credit when families need it the most.  Due to the critical importance of the first few years of child’s life, my bill will also make the new
credit available to all children except for those whose families earn too much to be eligible for the current CTC. 

          Please join me in cosponsoring the Child Tax Credit Improvement Act.  If you have any questions or would like to
join as a cosponsor, please contact Eric Anthony at or at 5-3661.



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