From: The Honorable Keith Ellison
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Bill: H.R. 1143
Date: 2/28/2017

Support State Programs that Provide Diapers to Low-income Families

Endorsed by over
300 local, state, and national groups


Dear Colleague:

Due to the high cost of diapers and related supplies, working families struggle to afford diapers for their infant or toddler. Their income is often insufficient to cover
the cost of rent, food and transportation, much less the basic needs for their infant.

Research shows
that this unmet need affects the health of the child, and can cause significant stress and mental health issues for the family.  Simply put, without access to affordable diapers, many families cannot work or pursue job opportunities, and
their children face illnesses that are otherwise preventable.

To help working families achieve economic self-reliance, we introduced the
Hygiene Assistance for Families of Infants and Toddlers Act of 2017. This bill would create a demonstration program for distributing diapers. States would have discretion on how to implement the program, and how to best distribute diapers to eligible

Over the past year,
The Atlantic,
CNN, and

covered the growing “diaper need”, and the barriers to success it creates. Moreover, the Obama Administration launched an
initiative to help non-profits get diapers to the families that need it most. Please join us in helping working families achieve greater economic security by cosponsoring the
Hygiene Assistance for Families of Infants and Toddlers Act of 2017.

If you have any questions or would like to cosponsor, please contact Abby Schanfield ( in
Congressman Ellison’s office, or Eric Anthony ( in Congresswoman DeLauro’s office.




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