From: The Honorable Bruce Poliquin
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Date: 1/31/2017

January 31, 2017

Dear Colleague:

We write to formally invite you to join the Congressional Paper & Packaging Caucus for the 115th Congress.  This bipartisan caucus will highlight the importance and economic significance of the paper and packaging industry and will focus on the policy solutions
needed to sustain and promote this important sector.

U.S. paper mills produce a range of common items, including newspapers, tissue paper, coffee cups and sleeves, milk cartons, pizza boxes, and books.  Paper wraps our food, advertises our businesses, safely packages the products we buy, and helps our children
learn.  Even in the age of the internet, Americans still rely on paper every single day.

The industry is also a major economic contributor in nearly every state.  Paper and paper-packaging sells $130 billion of product a year, employs approximately 370,000 people and pays approximately $29 billion in compensation annually.  If the entire supply
chain is considered, the paper industry is responsible for nearly 1.6 million jobs.  Many of these jobs are in rural communities whose economies depend on the success of the mills.

The paper industry has also made great strides in sustainability and environmental stewardship. Approximately 79% of all U.S. paper mills use some recovered fiber.  As a result of the sector’s successful efforts, nearly three times more paper is recycled
than is sent to landfills.

The success of paper recycling in the U.S. is just one example of the industry’s forward-thinking.  Although there has been a steep decline in the number of American paper mills over the last several decades, the remaining U.S. paper mills are innovating
and advancing to remain competitive in the global marketplace.  Federal policies will have a significant impact on their ability to succeed.

Whether your district has a paper mill, a printing company, or a recycling facility, your constituents are affected by the sector.  The Paper and Packaging Caucus will support policies that promote this industry and expand its economic benefits.

If you would like to join or need more information, please contact Kate Renz (Rep. Poliquin) or Chris Huckleberry (Rep. Schrader).


Bruce Poliquin and Kurt Schrader