Bill Johnson

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Bill Johnson

From: The Honorable Bill Johnson
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Date: 1/31/2017

Current Co-signers: David Joyce, Jackie Walorski, Louie Gohmert, Jeff Duncan, Doug Lamborn, John Moolenaar, David McKinley, Michael Conaway, Glenn Grothman, Bob Latta, Bob Gibbs, Tom McClintock, Doug LaMalfa, Andy Biggs, Dan Donovan, Mike Coffman,
Paul Gosar, Ted Budd, Leonard Lance, Kevin Cramer, Don Bacon, Martha McSally, Tom Emmer, Jim Renacci, Steve Stivers, Chuck Fleischmann

Dear Colleague,

Recent action taken by the Obama Administration at the United Nations abandoned our staunch democratic ally in the Middle East, Israel, at their time of need.  These actions do not represent the will of Congress or reflect our support for Israel.  As President
Trump takes office, it is important that he knows he has allies in Congress ready to work with him and take bold action to bring clarity to an issue of vital national security, and emphasize our unwavering support for Israel.

Please join me in sending the below letter to President Trump expressing intent to work with him and his Administration to mend our relationship with our friend and ally, Israel.  The letter specifically lists priorities that would send a strong message
to Israel – and the world – that the United States once again stands behind Israel and their right to exist as a Jewish State.

If you have any questions or would like to sign onto the letter, please contact Laura Wilson in my office at no later than
COB Friday, February 3, 2017.


Bill Johnson

Member of Congress


February XX, 2017

The Hon. Donald Trump

President of the United States of America

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20500


Dear Mr. President,

We, the undersigned Members of Congress, write to express our intent to work with you to repair the strong relationship that our government has historically maintained with Israel, our primary ally and the only democracy in the Middle East.

With your administration now in office, the opportunity exists to mend this relationship immediately. Here are our priorities, which we hope match yours:

  • Signaling the Palestinian Authority to give up their goal of destroying Israel and accept Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State;
  • Ending incitement and violence against Israel and Jews promoted by the Palestinian Authority;
  • Reversing, to whatever extent possible, one-sided United Nations resolutions harmful to Israel and to Judaism;
  • Moving our embassy, currently located in Tel Aviv, to Jerusalem as soon as practicable, consistent with “The Jerusalem Embassy and Relocation Act” of 1995, and;
  • Opposing efforts to de-legitimize Israel through boycott, divestment, and sanction.

As Members of Congress, we look forward to working with you to help bring peace to an area of the world that has experienced too much pain for too long.