From: The Honorable Don Young
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Bill: H.Con.Res. 26
Date: 11/10/2016

Dear Colleague,

We are convinced that without a constitutional amendment to balance the budget, overspending will continue to weaken the nation’s strength.

There are not enough votes in either the House or the Senate – two thirds are required – to send a balanced budget amendment to the states for ratification.  But there is a way to get this debate moving in the state legislatures, where ratification is ultimately
needed.  By advancing House Concurrent Resolution 26, Congress can show the nation we are serious about making structural changes in the way we spend.

We write today to urge you to co-sponsor, House Concurrent Resolution 26.  Further, please join us in encouraging House Leadership to put the Concurrent Resolution on the legislative agenda for consideration before the end of the year by signing on to the
letter below.  This Resolution effectuates an interstate compact to bring the states into the discussion about adding a debt-limiting balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

Our concern is about the current path of the federal government regarding fiscal policy.  Shortly, the federal government will be $20 trillion in debt.  Further, this debt is projected to grow significantly.  If the federal government continues on this path,
the certain outcome will be either the insolvency of the federal government, an American economy that is no longer is capable of expanding national wealth, or a combination of both.  It will be tantamount to the loss of the American Dream.

This year, Congress has failed to adopt a budget resolution.  We have fallen short in terms of enacting the full array of individual appropriations bills.  Finally, there is little prospect that Congress will adopt necessary reforms to entitlement programs,
much less the President signing such reforms into law.  Absent a step to expand the fiscal policy debate in this country beyond Congress and the President, we fear that this unsustainable fiscal policy will only continue.

Alaska has taken the step of entering into a compact, so far with three other states, to advance a specific debt limiting, balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.  The immediate purpose of both the compact and House Concurrent Resolution 26 is to
make the states participants in this critical debate, using the instrument of the compact to do so in a safe and effective manner.

We urge you to co-sponsor House Concurrent Resolution 26 and join our letter to House Leadership requesting that the Resolution be put on the agenda.  Let us expand the scope of the national debate on this critical issue.

If you have any questions, would like to cosponsor the resolution, or sign on to the letter please contact Jeff Small ( on Rep. Gosar’s staff or Alex Ortiz (
on Rep. Young’s staff.


Don Young Paul Gosar
Member of Congress Member of Congress

Dear Mr. Speaker, Majority Leader McCarthy, and Whip Scalise,

We respectfully ask you to schedule H.Con.Res. 26, a meaningful measure that advances the cause of a balanced budget amendment, for floor consideration in the House before the end of the year.

Our “Dear Colleague” letter to Congress is enclosed.  We believe it is essential that, as the majority, we signal to the nation that we’re committed to a balanced budget amendment.   Alaska has joined the Compact for a Balanced Budget, which has strict laws
preventing the possibility of a runaway convention, and we support making a conditional call for the convention in H.Con.Res. 26.  Passing this Resolution will help other states get on board.

As is stated in the Dear Colleague letter, we are very concerned about the path the federal government is on regarding its fiscal policy.  The experience this year with the frustrating budget process has only deepened our concern.  A broad national discussion
about federal fiscal policy and the budget process needs to take place.  We can make progress toward this goal by including the State legislatures in the discussion now.

Given the current political climate, we believe that it would be good for the House to take up H.Con.Res. 26 before the end of the year.  This Resolution is a procedural step.  It would not undermine or obstruct House consideration and adoption of its own
balanced budget amendment proposal or statutory Congressional budget process reform. As a concurrent resolution, this measure would not go to the President and cannot be vetoed.

You may find it helpful to convene a meeting of leadership staff and the staff of the Compact for a Balanced Budget Commission, which is the interstate agency tasked with managing the Compact in accordance with the laws of the member states, to map out the
path forward.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss this issue further.


Don Young Paul Gosar
Member of Congress Member of Congress