From: The Honorable Gregory W. Meeks
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Date: 11/30/2016

Dear Colleague,

Please join me as an original cosponsor of the Protecting Communities from Lost or Stolen  Law Enforcement Weapons Act. As it has been widely reported, some off-duty police officers do not store their weapons in a careful manner and these weapons find their
way onto the black market or into the hands of those who shouldn’t have them. In fact, since 2010, law enforcement agencies in California have lost track of at least 944 licensed guns and some of these guns have been used in murders.[1]
For years, federally licensed firearm dealers (FFLs) have been required by federal law to report to the ATF’s National Tracing Center, within 48 hours of discovery, any weapons that have been lost or stolen and law enforcement agencies should be required to
do the same. Further, nine states require private citizens to report the loss or theft of a weapon to local law enforcement.[2]

Consequently, I request your support for my bill which would incentivize, through the prioritization of COPS grants, states to pass legislation requiring state and local law enforcement agencies to report lost or stolen guns to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco
and Firearms’ National Tracing Center.

Passing this legislation would be a step forward in keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. It would provide ATF a better idea of the number of guns in circulation that were formerly owned by law enforcement.  Also, in requiring law enforcement agents
to report the guns they have lost track of, agents would be more careful with their guns. Lastly, those guns that are reported missing or stolen, if used in a crime, could be more easily recognized and their origins identified, saving vital time and resources.

If you have any questions or if you would like to sign on to either or both bills, please contact Jordan Morris in my office at x5-3461 or



Gregory W. Meeks

Member of Congress