From: The Honorable Henry C. “Hank” Johnson, Jr.
Sent By:

Date: 10/28/2016


Cosponsor H.R. 6072, “The Election Integrity Act”

Cosponsors: José E. Serrano, Mike Honda, David Scott, David Cicilline, John Conyers, Sanford Bishop, Danny Davis, Gregory Meeks, Cedric Richmond, James E. Clyburn, Donald M. Payne Jr., Marcia L. Fudge, Karen Bass,
Yvette D. Clarke, G. K. Butterfield, Elijah E. Cummings, Charles B. Rangel, Corrine Brown, Terri A. Sewell, Barbara Lee, Robert C. Scott, Alcee Hastings, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Louise Slaughter, Marc Veasey, Steve Cohen, Ted Lieu, Donald Norcross,
Jerry McNerney.

Endorsed by: National Election Defense Coalition, Common Cause, Transformative Justice Coalition, Hip Hop Caucus, People Demanding Action, UHCAN, Progressive Democrats of America, Fair
Elections Legal Network,

Dear Colleague:

As cybersecurity analysts raise the alarm about lax security measures in our voting systems, we find ourselves confronted with an issue of immeasurable importance for American democracy: the integrity of our elections.

As a recent
Politico article highlighted
, the wave of Russian hacking and the prevalence of paperless voting machines fuels worries that our elections are rigged. The debacle following the 2000 election, growing evidence that our voting machines can be easily manipulated
from remote locations, and the
hacking of two state voter databases
serve as a reminder that it is time for Congress to step up and protect our electoral process. We must promote the use of secure voting systems that meet critical cybersecurity standards to ensure when Americans vote,
their vote matches what was entered into the machine.

We need action from Congress. I invite you to join me as an original cosponsor of the

Election Integrity Act (H.R. 6072)
, which will restore the confidence of American voters in our electoral process and ensure the integrity of our elections.

Title I of the Election Integrity Act will limit the purchase of any new voting systems that do not provide durable voter-verified paper ballots. It establishes protocols when there is a voting system failure, prohibits voting systems responsible for tabulating
votes from being insecurely connected to the internet, and calls for security standards for voting systems used in federal elections. This includes requiring durable and readable paper ballots and the publication of poll tapes. Title II enables verifiable
manual audits of federal elections and will allow for random hand counts of paper ballots. The results of these audits will be published.

Title III of the Election Integrity Act addresses key voter rights issues that will ensure our elections remain accessible for all Americans. It establishes guidelines for the publication of voter purge lists and a process by which individuals can challenge
their placement on a purge list. The Election Integrity Act also requires a mandatory response by the Attorney General for allegations of voter suppression and intimidation.

In the wake of the DNC server hack, Russian interference, decreasing availability of a paper trail, and well-documented efforts by states to suppress the vote, citizens are rightly concerned. We must work to reduce the vulnerability of our crucial voting
systems, protect the integrity of our electoral process, and ensure all Americans have the opportunity to vote.

I hope you will join me as a cosponsor of this critical legislation. If you have any questions or would like to cosponsor, please contact Arya Hariharan at or ext. 5-1562.


Henry C. “Hank” Johnson, Jr.