From: The Honorable Mike Kelly
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Bill: H.Res. 853
Date: 9/22/2016

Preserve Internet Freedom and Uphold the Power of the Purse: Co-Sponsor H. Res. 853

Kelly (PA), Brooks (AL), Cook, Bridenstine, Salmon, Gohmert, Duncan (SC), Gibbs, Rigell, Franks, Zinke, Weber, Babin, Chabot, Hice, King, LaMalfa, Rouzer, Lamborn, Flores, Brat, Gosar, Massie, Allen, Hensarling, Calvert

“Congress should make clear that it will sue to enforce the funding prohibition. As it did in 2014, the House needs to vote to authorize Speaker Ryan to sue to defend its Article I powers — not only the Power of the Purse but also
the sole right to dispose of federal property, which the IANA function may well be.”

Coalition letter from 25 organizations including TechFreedom, Americans for Limited Government, Americans for Tax Reform, Center for Security Policy, Competitive
Enterprise Institute, Frontiers of Freedom, Heritage Action for America, Media Research Center, Protect Internet Freedom, Taxpayers Protection Alliance, and Tea Party Patriots

Dear Colleague,

As a nation, we have a duty to preserve Internet freedom for Americans and for the world. As a governing body, we have a duty to uphold our Constitution’s separation of powers and to protect our own “power of the purse” as intended by our founders, as well
as our sole power to dispose of federal property.

Yet the Obama administration appears determined to violate clear prohibitions in appropriations law forbidding the transition of the Internet domain system, thereby jeopardizing Internet freedom and thwarting the clear will of Congress.

Therefore I have introduced H. Res. 853, a resolution authorizing Speaker Ryan to take this administration to court if it follows through with its irresponsible plan to let our country’s stewardship of the Internet expire at the end of this month.  To co-sponsor
or for any questions, please contact Isaac Fong in my office at


Mike Kelly

Member of Congress