From: The Honorable Gary C. Peters
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Bill: H.R. 4056
Date: 3/11/2014

Cosponsor the Federal Vehicle Repair Cost Savings Act HR 4056
Endorsed by MEMA
Dear Colleague:
The Government Accountability Office confirmed that the federal government spent $975 million on repair and maintenance on the 588,000 vehicles used by federal agencies in fiscal year 2011. We have introduced legislation, the Federal Vehicle Repair Cost
Savings Act (HR 4056), which aims to save taxpayer dollars by reducing spending on vehicle repair and maintenance by federal agencies without sacrificing safety, performance, or quality.
A simple method to reduce the cost of repair and maintenance of vehicles used by federal agencies is to use remanufactured vehicle components, which are often less expensive than similar new parts. These are parts such as engines, transmissions, alternators,
and starters that have been returned to same-as-new condition using a standardized industrial process. These products are fully-warranted and do not compromise the safety or quality of the vehicle, its performance or operator. The U.S. Postal Service and Department
of Interior both informed GAO that they have reduced repair and maintenance costs by utilizing remanufactured vehicle components when appropriate.
In addition to the cost savings, remanufacturing has environmental benefits. Remanufactured vehicle components do not need to go through the resmelting process, which saves energy, conserves landfill space, and reduces air pollution. The raw materials are
recycled saving iron, aluminum, copper, and other resources.
The Federal Vehicle Repair Cost Savings Act encourages all federal agencies to utilize remanufactured vehicle components, if doing so will reduce costs while maintaining quality without delaying the vehicle’s return to service. Making this recommendation
is consistent with Congress’ role in providing oversight of federal agencies and stewardship of taxpayer dollars. The bill makes a recommendation to promote awareness of this cost saving option among fleet managers but does not eliminate flexibility for federal
agencies to manage their vehicles as necessary.
We encourage you to join as a cosponsor of this commonsense legislation. For more information or to become a cosponsor, please contact Jordan Wells ( with
Representative Peters or Valerie Manak ( with Representative Lankford.
Gary C. Peters                                               James Lankford
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