From: The Honorable Keith Ellison
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Bill: H.R. 5485
Date: 7/6/2016

Support Ellison Amendments #15 & #16 to H.R. 5485

Dear Colleague,

Please support Ellison amendments (Votes #15 and #16). These amendments strike Sections 637 and 638 respectively from the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act of 2017 (H.R. 5485).

My amendments remove language that would harm buyers of manufactured homes. The language limits the ability of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to stop salespeople from signing homeowners up for lending products offered by affiliated firms
and from higher-cost loans without counseling.

There is a long and painful history of predatory financing for manufactured homeowners. Instead of building wealth for themselves and their families, manufactured homeowners see their wealth stripped away through poor quality loans with high fees and interest
rates. An article in the Seattle Times noted that “former [manufactured home] dealers said the company encouraged them to steer
buyers to finance with Clayton’s own high-interest lenders.” A CFPB study reported concerns about the financing options for homebuyers.

Congress previously considered the language included in this bill last year when it considered H.R. 650. The bill passed 263-162 (Roll Call Vote 150). President Obama issued a veto threat on the bill,
and there are not enough votes to override his veto.

The Center for Responsible Lending, Capital Impact Partners, Corporation
for Enterprise Development
, Fair Mortgage Collaborative, Housing Assistance Council, National Consumer Law Center and the National Manufactured Home Owners Association all opposed H.R. 650.

The Obama administration noted objections to these provisions in its SAP on FSGG Appropriations:

CFPB:…In addition, the Administration strongly opposes sections …637 and 638…of the bill that…undermine key consumer protections by amend[ing] the Truth in Lending Act to deny borrowers protections from certain high-cost loans.
These are problematic, ideological provisions that are beyond the scope of this bill.

I strongly support the CFPB’s efforts to protect manufactured home buyers from loans that strip their wealth. Please protect manufactured home buyers from high costs, and support the Ellison Amendments.

For more information, contact Samantha Waxman on my staff at or 5.4755.



Keith Ellison
Member of Congress