From: The Honorable Ann M. Kuster
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Date: 6/20/2016

Dear Colleague:

Colleges are institutions of higher learning—places where students should never have to fear for their safety.  Yet nearly a quarter of female students, and more than five percent of male students, experience sexual assault or rape during their undergraduate years.  What’s more, many victims are afraid to disclose their assaults, with only 20 percent reporting to law enforcement. 

We must do everything we can to change these statistics.  To help draw attention to the need for reform, and to inspire others to speak out, I invite you to join me in a Special
Order on the evening of Tuesday, June 21, 2016.  Members are encouraged to share their constituents’ or their own stories, as we seek to support survivors, and to learn from schools that are leading the way in addressing sexual violence.
The special order will begin 2.5 hours after last votes.  

Please contact Lydia Hall on my staff at 5-5206 or if you are interested in participating, or if you have any questions.  I hope that you will join me on the floor.




Ann McLane Kuster
Member of Congress