From: The Honorable Adam Kinzinger
Sent By:
Bill: H.R. 4869
Date: 6/15/2016

Dear Colleague,
I invite you to join me in becoming a cosponsor of my bill H.R. 4869, “the Comprehensive Strategy to Destroy ISIL Act of 2016.” In light of the horrific attacks in Orlando and the fact that the President fails to provide a coherent strategy to destroy the Islamic State, the time is now for Congress to follow the will of the American people and press the Obama Administration for an effective ISIS strategy that destroys this cancer once and for all.
Over the last two years, I have continued to call for a decisive response to the Islamic State cancer that has swept through the region and radicalized young men and women across the globe.  Our lack of involvement and employing a coherent strategy has allowed ISIS to radicalize people throughout the world, including in the United States.  The attacks in San Bernardino and now Orlando have shown that ISIS is already here on American soil.  Every day that has gone by without a concrete and resolute American response has given ISIS more bandwidth to spread its evil and radicalize more individuals to kill innocents.
My bill is very simple – it requires the Obama Administration (and any future administration) to submit a report to Congress that details its strategy to destroy ISIS and its affiliates across the region and the world. The elements of the strategy would focus on the progress of the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS, a strategy for deployment of U.S. military assets to counter ISIS fighters, plans to strengthen the capacity of allies in the region, preventing a reconstitution of ISIS and its affiliates in the region, and how the U.S. government is using social media and other communications technologies to counter ISIS’s propaganda and the recruitment of foreign fighters, including their efforts to radicalize individuals in western countries.
The difference between this report and reports required of the Administration in the most recent Omnibus and the National Defense Authorization Act is that this strategy would be required every two years by any future administration and there would be no sunset of the reporting requirement until ISIS is destroyed. It is imperative that any future Commander-in-Chief report to Congress on what he/she and their administration is doing to protect U.S. national security and destroy the cancer of ISIS in the Middle East.
As a veteran of our nation’s wars, I take very seriously the importance of protecting our nation.  I believe this bill will hold this Administration and future administrations accountable in providing details on an effective and coherent strategy to declare war and effectively destroy ISIS.  I ask that you join me in this effort to secure a free world and protect our homeland.
To become an original cosponsor of this bill, please contact Zach Silberman ( in my office at 5-3635.
Adam Kinzinger
Member of Congress