From: The Honorable Donald M. Payne, Jr.
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Date: 6/20/2016

Dear Colleague,
We humbly invite you to join the Congressional African Immigrant and Diaspora Caucus (CAIDC), chaired by Congressman Donald M. Payne Jr. The goal of this caucus is to raise awareness about the unique issues and unrecognized concerns of the African immigrant, refugee, and diaspora community in the United States, and to celebrate their great contributions to our Nation.
The African immigrant and diaspora community is rapidly growing and reshaping the population of the United States. In the United States, the foreign-born population from Africa has increased to approximately
1.8 million in just the last forty years. Today, Africans make up 4.4 percent of the country’s 42.4 million immigrants, a modest but increasing number. With the influx of immigrants of African descent and those that share the diaspora, we as Members of Congress,
must acknowledge their distinct concerns.
The Congressional African Immigrant and Diaspora Caucus will serve as an informal group of Congressional Members dedicated to advocating for and educating Congress and the Administration about  the
concerns of African immigrants and those within the diaspora.
Among other activities, we look forward to coordinating Capitol Hill briefing series and forums on the issues that impact African immigrants and the diaspora; as well as hosting nationwide listening
tours where members of CAIDC can actively engage with their African immigrant and diaspora constituencies.
We invite you to join us as a member of this dynamic caucus. We are in the works of planning our kick-off event and we look forward to having you on the team.
If you are interested in joining CAIDC or learning more, please contact Sue Kai-Rennie ( or Erika Brown (