Edward Markey

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Edward Markey

From: The Committee on Science, Space, and Technology
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Date: 5/18/2016

Dear Colleague,

           In honor of National Inventor’s Month, I am pleased to pass along this invitation from Intellectual Ventures for Members of Congress and staff to visit their Technology Expo on Thursday, May 19th in the Rayburn Foyer starting at noon with a reception starting at 5:30 p.m.

            Some of the inventions featured include a photonic fence to kill mosquitoes with lasers, an innovative technique to transform tons of depleted uranium waste into safe electric power, and a revolutionary electromagnetic metamaterials that holds the promise of expanding scarce wireless spectrum by 1000 times.

            Hope to see you there.

                                                                        Lamar Smith 

                                                                        Member of Congress


You’re invited to explore the many great inventions pioneered by Intellectual Ventures at our Expo Day in the Rayburn House Foyer

Thursday, May 19  12PM-5PM

Reception honoring National Inventor’s Month (featuring hors d’oeuvres & beverages) 5:30PM-7:30PM

This event has been designed to comply with the House and Senate

ethics rules. Members of Congress and staff should contact their

respective Ethics Committee for further guidance.