From: The Honorable Brian Babin
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Date: 5/12/2016

Cosponsor the Criminal Alien Deportation Enforcement Act of 2016

Deadline for Original Cosponsors:
FRIDAY, MAY 13 at 10:00am

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**Original Cosponsors: Chris Stewart, Rob Woodall, Randy Weber, Phil Roe, Bill Posey, Marlin Stutzman, Mark Walker, Marsha Blackburn, Tom McClintock, Andy Harris**

Dear Colleague,

Every day, alien criminals are being released into American streets, putting American citizens at risk, because their countries of origin have refused to take them back. Current law sets up a procedure to punish those uncooperative countries, but this mechanism has rarely, if ever, been enforced.

The  House Oversight Committee recently brought light to this issue, confirming that 86,288 criminals who committed 231,074 crimes have been released by the Obama Administration since 2013. Congress needs to make the Administration hold these uncooperative countries accountable for their actions—and take back their criminals.

I am introducing the Criminal Alien Deportation Enforcement Act of 2016 that would withhold foreign aid to uncooperative countries and enforce current law which prohibits visas from being issued to citizens from those countries.  My bill would bring much-needed transparency to this process by mandating that the Department of Homeland Security submit to Congress a report every three months listing the uncooperative countries. Victims of crimes committed by these criminal aliens would also be given standing to sue in a Federal district court.

Hundreds of Americans have died at the hands of these criminal aliens. It’s past time to make sure our current law is enforced and to make sure that we put in place further safeguards to protect American citizens. Join with me as an original co-sponsor of the Criminal Alien Deportation Enforcement Act of 2016 to make uncooperative countries take back their criminals.

To cosponsor or if you have any questions, please contact Mary Moody ( Thank you.


Brian Babin

Member of Congress