From: The Honorable Brad Ashford
Sent By:
Date: 5/25/2016

Deadline to be an origional co-sponsor today at 3:00 PM

Summer is almost here, or as it is also called – Construction Season.

As the weather finally clears up, our local transportation officials, cities, and development councils are making long term plans for important transportation projects. I ask for your support to ensure that our veterans are given the opportunity to work on highway and infrastructure construction projects in their hometowns.

The Veterans Opportunities on Local Transportation, or VOLT Act, would request contractors who have been awarded over $10 million in federal contracts to advertise job opportunities to local veterans. It would also ensure that veterans who reside in or adjacent to the area where the contract has been awarded are given the opportunity to apply.

Under the VOLT act, contractors would not be required to hire unqualified workers, meet quotas, or delay key projects. This bill would simply provide veterans an opportunity to apply for jobs in the community where they already live. Skilled tradesmen and laborers are needed across the country – and our veterans have unique skill sets that make them ideal candidates. All they need is the opportunity.

Lets give our veterans the opportunity to work on projects in their own hometown. Currently, construction contractors often bring their own crew from state to state, meaning large construction projects are built without any local citizens on the team. When hired, area veterans will work on projects that directly impact their community. Many of these veterans spent time away from their loved ones during deployment – the VOLT Act would assist our vets to find high-paying jobs that don’t take them away from home. 

To learn more about this legislation and to be added as an original co-sponsor, to this bipartisan legislation, please contact Denise Fleming in Congressman Brad Ashford’s office ( or Ray Celeste in Comgressman Walter Jones’s office ( thank you for your support