From: The Honorable James R. Langevin
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Date: 4/29/2016

Dear Colleague,
The United States is currently engaging in an offensive cyber campaign against ISIL, one that Deputy Secretary Robert Work has described as “dropping cyberbombs.” Changes to the structure of US Cyber Command are being contemplated in this year’s National Defense Authorization Act. Last week, the Department of Defense kicked off the government’s first-ever bug bounty program for security vulnerabilities.
These activities are all taking place under the auspices of the DoD’s Cyber Strategy, released one year ago. To help
better understand the strategy itself and its implementation, the Cybersecurity Caucus will be hosting a briefing
today, April 29, at 2pm with a panel of experts on the Pentagon’s efforts. Specifically, the briefers will be:
  • RADM Sean Filipowski, Office of the Principal Cyber Advisor
  • Kate Charlet, Principal Director for Cyber Policy, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Policy
  • ­COL Dean Clothier, JS J6
We hope you will join us in 311 Cannon for what promises to be a timely and informative brief. Please contact Nick Leiserson, on Mr. Langevin’s staff, if you have any questions.
The Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus was co-founded by Representatives Jim Langevin and Michael McCaul to raise awareness of cybersecurity issues and provide a forum for Members representing
different committees of jurisdiction to discuss the challenges in securing cyberspace. If you are interested in joining the Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus, or have any questions, please contact Nick Leiserson (
in Congressman Langevin’s office or Jessica Nalepa ( in Chairman McCaul’s office.
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