From: The Committee on House Administration
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Date: 4/5/2016

Dear Colleague,

On March 16, 2016, the Committee on House Administration adopted a number of regulation changes to modernize the Members’ Handbook, the Committee Handbook, and the Guide to Outfitting and Maintaining an Office of the U.S. House of Representatives.

The regulations have been modified with a number of technical updates and examples that primarily enhance the clarity of the documents. Additionally, there were some more substantive changes, examples of which are examples below:

The Members’ Congressional Handbook, (which governs expenditures for each Member’s Representational Allowance)

  • Members are allowed to share District Offices with other Members of the House of Representatives. Members must submit a District Office sharing plan to the Committee on House Administration for approval; and
  • The language pertaining to Combined Travel was updated to best assist offices with understanding the regulation; and
  • The General section was updated to reflect examples of what is considered official and representational when using the MRA.


The Committee Handbook, (which governs expenditures for each Committee’s funds)

  • The items eligible for advance payment have been updated to allow committees more flexibility with their budgets; and
  • Advance payments are now subject to an annual cap established by the Committee on House Administration.


The Guide to Outfitting and Maintaining an Office of the U.S. House of Representatives, (which governs policies and regulations applicable to opening and maintaining a Congressional Office)

  • The Guide has been restructured to more clearly show how the policies apply differently to Member DC Offices, Member District Offices, and Committee Offices.


Offices may obtain copies of the updated regulations through the Committee’s website at:


These versions replace all previous editions. As always, please contact the Committee at (202) 225-8281 (Majority) or 202-225-2061 (Minority) with any additional information.




Candice S. Miller                                                                    Robert A. Brady

                                                        Chairman                                                                                 Ranking Member